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McCord Contractors, Inc. provides concrete surface preparation and repair services as a stand alone service as well-(not a typical scenario but we do partner in some applications with other reputable installers and make that determination on a case by case basis). An expert in concrete floor treatment and restoration, you can contract with us to complete your project from start to finish (single source responsibility), or you do have the option to contract with us solely for the purpose of doing the surface prep and repair work while another company handles the flooring installation.

Please note: given work place liability, safety of our workers and those within close proximity to the process as well as inconsistent results, we no longer acid etch or advocate its use as a surface preparation method for concrete flooring to receive a resinous system. In order to produce the correct surface profile for the greatest adhesion we use steel shot blasting equipment, both portable and electric depending on what the work environment dictates, as well as planetary diamond grinding equipment for the purpose of readying the concrete for its respective resinous system. Using diamond tooling, our grinding process can be used to remove coatings (aggressive diamonds) or grind existing concrete (medium to coarse diamonds to produce an anchor profile). For the purpose of polishing concrete we can also use finer diamonds to create a honed or highly polished look. We also grind existing paint to ready a surface for new coating.

Our concrete polishing works well for industrial applications, creating a smoother and more level floor surface that reduces driver fatigue, wear and tear on the forklift and tires as well as minimizing load shift. In addition, we also fill cracks and joints found in concrete slabs and remove excess material to produce a smooth joint.

Whether it’s an expansion joint or random dynamic cracking, most facilities require the maintenance and filling of these joints. In most cases, these concrete joints serve to isolate the propensity of concrete to crack or at a minimum attempt to direct where cracking should occur. Sometimes despite all of mans best design efforts concrete will crack anyway. The use of the space dictates the proper way to address these joints as well as which products will work best for filling them. Some joint fillers are designed for flexibility where concrete is known to be moving. Some fillers are designed to provide some movement yet also allow for load transfer from one section of concrete to another. Some materials are heat resistant, some resistant to chemical exposure and yet others designed for quick curing and minimal downtime. Don't underestimate the function of the concrete joints in your facility as consideration should be given for their proper use and a trained professional to outline the proper repair guidelines to best suit your specific needs. Joints left untreated can eventually lead to concrete degradation around these joints, foundational undermining, critter intrusion, chemical exposure leading to concrete erosion, buildup of debris in joints, etc.

We most often provide concrete surfaces with a thin, concrete sealer that can be placed over the bare concrete, whether the surface is to be prepared or not. From traffic aisles to machine shops and aircraft runways, our concrete surface prep and repair work has successfully assisted diverse industries. Providing quality service and short turnaround, our concrete surface prep and repair services guarantee just-in-time, professional results!

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Concrete Surface Prep and Repair Capabilities

Industry Focus
Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical / Health Care
Intended Application
Assembly Lines
Traffic Aisles
Loading Docks
Machine Shops
Control Rooms
Battery Rooms
Chemical Storage
Locker/Shower Rooms
Bottling Lines
Mixing Areas
Rendering Plants
Meat Packaging Areas
Packaging Lines
Splash/Spill Zones
Aircraft Runways
Plating Lines
Traffic Aisles
Sterile Areas
Gowning Areas
Processing Areas
Washdown Areas
Research Labs
Clean Rooms
Patient Rooms
Operating Rooms
Emergency Rooms
Mechanical Rooms
Media Centers
Scrubber Bays
Inspection Labs
Fan Decks
Concrete Type
Concrete Repair & Refinishing
Steel Shot Blasting & Grinding
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Staining and Sealing
Concrete Repair
High Early Strength
Acrylic Polymer
Epoxy Mortar
Surface Prep
Steel Shot Blasting
Diamond Grinding
Coating Removal
Aggressive Diamond
Medium to Coarse Diamond
Finer Diamond
Crack Filling
Polyurea Joint Sealant
Moisture Vapor Remediation
Breathable Epoxy System
Urethane Mortar / Cement
Moisture Tests
Calcium Chloride Test
RH Moisture Test
Concrete Polishing
Concrete Grinding
Removing Cap
Harden Cap with Densifier
Apply Lithium Silicate Sealer
No Coating to Maintain
Green Process
Containment to Suppress Dust Provided
Concrete Staining/Concrete Dye
Chemstains (Metallic Salt)
Dye Stains
Concrete Sealing
Urethane Sealers
Acrylic Sealers
Epoxy Products
Typical Lead Times
4 to 5 days
Non business hours, weekend, nights, shutdown periods, work around clock

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