Installation of Epoxy Quartz with Integral Cove Base for a Pharmaceutical Application

This customer selected an Epoxy Quartz system to replace their aged, worn and dingy epoxy floor. This system was chosen in keeping with the same type of floor system in the other areas of their facility as well as for its durability, aesthetics and resistance to strong cleaning chemicals and ease of frequent cleaning cycles. They also required their project to continue around the clock in order to meet a very compressed downtime schedule and return their production line back to service as quickly as possible. Of course as always, our process started by assessing and selecting the proper surface preparation needed in order to provide an anchor profile needed for a successful, long term flooring solution. For this particular project, we chose our HTC 800 HDX counter rotating planetary diamond grinder; an electric machine thereby producing no exhaust emissions in this pharma setting, capable of grinding and profiling an existing epoxy quartz floor in narrow corridors as well as large open production spaces.

After all surface grinding as well as hand grinding along the edges and corners of the floor was completed, we then made various repairs to underlying cracks in the concrete as well as uneven, damaged epoxy flooring which had occurred from heavy hand truck usage using both rigid and flexible epoxy and urethane repair products.

Now were ready to begin the new installation by first re-troweling new epoxy cove base with radius transition to the floor and thereby complying with their "no right angles" policy. The absence of right angles aids in their cleaning process. After all cove base is in place the double broadcast epoxy quartz system in installed with a final finish of a medium stippled clear epoxy finish thereby giving them both non slip properties while maintaining a cleanable floor at the same time.

Installation of Epoxy Quartz with Integral Cove Base
Installation of Epoxy Quartz with Integral Cove Base

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Epoxy Quartz with Integral Cove Base Installation Highlights

Product Description
This epoxy flooring was installed in a production area in a pharmaceutical plant. Benefits include protection from strong cleaning solutions, high wear and durability, hygienically cleanable as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Diamond Grinding
  • Prepare the previously installed epoxy quartz floor.
Surface Preparation
  • Areas that where new flooring was installed were first taken to non-sterile status in order to start the project.
  • Existing epoxy base was power sanded in order to create an anchor profile for the newly troweled base to properly bond.
  • Minor areas of patching were completed using quick curing polyurethane cementitous mortar.
    • Benefit is: quick turnaround as well as very high compressive strength for problematic areas which experience routine repair.
Floor Coating Installation
  • Install of General Polymers Ceramic Carpet #400 double broadcast epoxy quartz flooring with subtle orange peel finish.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
HTC HDX 800 planetary diamond grinding system.
Overall Laboratory Dimensions
7000 sq. feet
Resistant to strong cleaning solutions such as:
Designed for high wear and long service life
Radius at the integral base to floor transition makes cleaning a snap.

General Polymers CERAMIC CARPET #400 is an 1/8" system which incorporates decorative colored quartz aggregates with high solids epoxy resins and chemical resistant grout and seal coats to form a protective surfacing system which is aesthetically pleasing, durable and resistant to wear, staining and chemicals.
Floor Material
Flooring Finish
Orange Peel for promotion of slight traction
Turn Around Time
7 days, various work shifts during plant shutdown
Industry for Use
Pharmaceutical process area
Installation Location
Greenville, North Carolina
Standards Met
Customer supplied Specifications
Profile Name
Installation of General Polymers Ceramic Carpet #400 decorative epoxy quartz floor system
Typical Physical Properties
Color Pre-Blended Standard Colors
Custom Color Blends Available
Hardness @ 24 hours, Shore D 70/65
ASTM D 2240
Compressive Strength 12,000 psi
ASTM C 579
Tensile Strength
ASTM C 307 2,500 psi
Abrasion Resistance 90-100 mgs lost
ASTM D 4060, CS-17 Wheel, 1,000 cycles
Flexural Strength
ASTM C 580 4,500 psi
Adhesion 300 psi
ACI 503R concrete failure
Flammability Self-Extinguishing over concrete
Resistance to No slip or flow at required
Elevated Temperatures temperature of 158ºF
Impact Resistance Withstands 16 ft lbs
MIL-D-3134J without cracking, delamination, or chipping
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Limitless color options
  • Durable, wear and slip resistant
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Fiberglass scrim optional for maximum tensile strength and crack isolation
  • Optional waterproofing and/or membrane
  • VOC compliant, Low odor (with appropriate topcoat)
  • Available with an antimicrobial agent
  • Commercial kitchens (areas where temperature will not exceed 160ºF in service)
  • Animal Care
  • Clean rooms
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Locker, Restrooms, Packaging and Storage Areas

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