Installation of General Polymers Epoxy Flooring for a Laboratory Application

For this project, we worked closely with Tri Tech Labs in Lynchburg VA to solve a moisture vapor problem in their concrete floor while providing a smooth, hygienically cleanable epoxy floor for their packaging and filling lines. This was a renovation project turning an older bunker of a floor into a modern-day packaging line using a liquid applied epoxy flooring system. The process started by steel shot blasting the previous, oxidized and worn concrete substrate which removes the surface layer of old concrete thereby providing the proper anchor pattern for the new floor system to properly bond. In the process we also encountered contaminates embedded in the concrete threatening disbondment of the new coating. This required vigorous cleaning to remove as much of the contaminants as possible.

Once the blasting and surface cleaning was completed, we routed and filled the cracks in the concrete using a semi-rigid epoxy filler designed to allow movement "under" the coating system and within the joints minimizing the possibility of cracks in the finished floor system. On this particular project we used the Aquafin moisture remediation system. Vaportight SG2 was chosen for not just moisture vapor protection but also to prevent capillary infiltration of oil and chemicals that may remain in the slab. The final step was the application of General Polymers 100% solids epoxy floor coating which is both chemical resistant and extremely durable. The end result was a cleanable, aesthetically pleasing floor system perfect for any modern-day business to set foot on.

In today's climate of regulations and ever higher customer expectations McCord Contractors feels that your floor should be as state-of-the-art as the business you conduct. To learn more about how our services helped this client in Lynchburg, VA, please see project details below. Contact us today to find out how McCord Contractors can make an assessment of your facility and make a flooring recommendation for you as well.

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General Epoxy Flooring Installation Highlights

Product Description
This Epoxy Flooring was installed within a laboratory for smooth, easy cleaning, and presentable floor.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Shot Blasting
Remove previously applied coatings
Surface Preparation
Protect Surrounding Stainless Steel Tanks, Piping, Packaging Equipment, Control Panels, etc…
All Cracks and Expansion Joints were Routed
Produces Clean Surface for Proper Adhesion
Fill in Clean Cracks & Joints w/ General Polymer 3580 Semi-Rigid Epoxy Filler
Allows Some Movement to Occur Within The Joints so the Top Epoxy Layer Remains In Tact
Install Aquafin Vaportight SG2 Coating
For Vapor Emission Proofing the Floor
Floor Coating Installation
Install of General Polymers Epoxy Floor Coating 8744 Anti-Microbial 100% Solids Epoxy
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Blastrac GPX10-18 HO Rider Unit
Blastrac 110-D-Electric
Sawtec Diamond Impregnated Saw
HTC 800
HDX planetary diamond grinding system
Overall Laboratory Dimensions
20000 sq. feet
Aquafin Vaportight SG2:
Reduces MVER (Moisture Vapor Emission Rate):
Up to 25lbs/24 hrs*1000ft2 to 3lbs or less
Prevents Capillary Infiltration of Oil or Other Chemicals From the Ground
Can be Used to Treat Oil-Contaminated Slabs
Floor Material
Flooring Finish
Turn Around Time
1 week
Industry for Use
Installation Location
Lynchburg, Virginia
Standards Met
Customer supplied Specifications
Profile Name
Installation of General Polymers Standard Epoxy Flooring

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