Polished Concrete Flooring for Pharmaceutical Application

For this Pharmaceutical Company in Greenville NC, we solved a long term ongoing moisture problem by converting their epoxy coated floor to a polished finish. After years of trying to maintain a failing, chipping epoxy coated floor resulting from excessive moisture vapor issues the obvious solution was converting to a polished concrete floor finish. No more chipping paint to contend with, an aesthetically pleasing finish, wear and tear issues practically nonexistent and no required waxing which yields a very durable, cost effective floor finish with lower maintenance cost that almost any other type of flooring system on the market today. Maintaining this floor is as simple as applying a neutral ph cleaner as needed when needed and damp mop or clean with a walk behind scrubber.

Using diamond tooling, we removed the previous coating taking us directly to the concrete substrate. After 3 passes of metal bond diamond tooling, from more coarse to medium grit, this established a uniform concrete profile and removed the uneven, high areas. This process established a very flat, uniform floor before moving to the final polishing process. Before proceeding on to semi-metal bond diamond tooling, we then apply densifier which in essence restores the concrete cap which is removed in the metal bond tooling process.

On this particular floor we brought the floor finish to a 1500 grit resin finish however, depending on the level of gloss desired to meet your particular design parameters, we can tailor a finish anywhere from a honed finish beginning around 200 resin bond on up to 800 resin producing the equivalent of a semi-gloss finish and highly polished finishes at 3000 grit resin tooling. The finish is protected once the polishing is completed with the application of Lithium Silicate penetrating sealer and then burnished with a high speed rotary burnisher. This provides resistance to spills, stains and mild chemical exposure. We have recently added the option for the application of "Color Dye" to give your floor a more sophisticated, decorative and aesthetically appealing finish. For more information about our polishing services, call McCord Contractors, Inc. today or consult the table below.

Polishing Concrete Flooring
Polishing Concrete Flooring

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Concrete Polishing Highlights

Product Description
This previously coated, always chipping, existing concrete flooring was rehabilitated and polished to a 1500 grit finish. Previously applied coatings were first removed prior to polishing. The end product is a smooth, super cleanable, low maintenance concrete floor with good light reflectance value.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Diamond grinding
  • Remove Previously Applied Coatings and an additional 6 grinding steps to polish to a 1500 grit finish.
Surface Preparation
  • Protect Surrounding walls, equipment, Packaging Equipment, etc...
  • All Cracks and Expansion Joints were Routed
  • Produces Clean Surface for Proper Adhesion
  • Fill in Clean Cracks & Joints w/ AST Polyurea joint filler
  • Allows Some Movement to Occur Within The Joints while also dense enough to carry heavy loads
  • Diamond grinding process:
  • The first steps are to use 16-25 grit metal bond diamonds for coarse grinding which in this case were used to remove existing coatings. The next step is a 40 grit diamond which flattens and levels the concrete to make a uniform surface for all the next grinding steps in the process. After each series of grinding steps, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed and scrubbed before the next series of diamonds are applied. This insures a clean, uniform grind and eliminating scratching.
  • The next diamond is still metal bond 80 grit. Then on into 50-150 series of semi-metals at which point densifier is applied.
  • Install Sherhard liquid Densifier at the beginning of semi-metal diamonds.
    • Densifies and resolidifies the surface layer of concrete that has been violated by diamond grinding.
  • Patch holes, dings, gouges, damaged areas in the concrete with patching material before moving into resin bond diamonds.
  • Finish the floor with starting with 200 grit resin bonds up to the final finish of 1500 grit resin bond diamonds to yield highly polished finish.
  • Seal with lithium silicate chemical resistant sealer Sherguard, then burnish with high speed burnishing machine.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
HTC 800 HDX planetary diamond grinding system
Ruwac Vaccum system
Sawtec Diamond saws
Factory Cat walk behind floor scrubber
Amano Pioneer high speed burnisher
Overall Laboratory Dimensions
12000 sq. feet
Floor Material
Flooring Finish
Turn Around Time
2 weeks working second and third shifts as well as weekends.
Industry for Use
Installation Location
Greenville, NC
Profile Name
Concrete floor polishing system

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